What are the ways that Tate uses to make money?

Emory Andrew Tate was born in the US on December 1, 1986; Andrew Tate III is also known as Cobra Tate; he is a British-American social media figure, a businessman, and a former professional kickboxer. Because his father, Emory Tate, was a professional chess player of African descent, Andrew is biracial. His mother worked as a waitress in a restaurant to support his family, as their finances were not good at that time. Andrew Tate was raised in the US in his early years, but after his parent’s divorce, he and his brother Tristan Tate went to the UK with their mother and got raised there. Today in this article, we will see how he makes money.

What are the ways he uses it?

Below is the article; we have mentioned some of his ways to earn money and help others learn to make money. Those ways are briefly explained in the techktimes article on Andrew Tate.

The Hustler’s University:

Andrew Tate established the online university known as Hustlers University. “A community or group where Andrew Tate and dozens of other experts will teach the participants exactly what it takes to make money” was how it was described. You can earn by using Stock Analysis, Crypto Analysis, Freelancing, Options Plays, DeFi, E-commerce, NFTs, and Copywriting. You can get many more ways to earn money by joining this group or community.

The name was Hustlers University, last named Hustlers University 3.0, and has now been changed to “The Real World”. When Hustler’s University was at its peak, those instructors who went by the title of “professors” then started it again on exclusive discord servers. Every professor is independently verified by Tate as said according to Andrew Tate.

In their niche industry, each professor earns between $10,000 to $500,000 every month. Users can access instant messages, voice calls, and video chatting on Discord. Joining the university would cost you $49. After paying the subscription cost, you would complete a brief questionnaire to ascertain your time and financial availability. You will then get access to educational channels where that will teach you the ways to earn money online.


As we have mentioned above in the article, Andrew Tate uses his influence online to get people willing to earn money online. He uses them as a main source of his income after retiring from the professional kickboxing international championship. But many of them say it is a pyramid scheme which is a fraud, but most of the participants say it really helped them earn money.

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